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Hi, I’m Franka Grubisic, an Award-Winning Geospatial Professional, Entrepreneur, Designer, Writer, Excellence Scholar & a Graduate Student at Stockholm University.

I’m on a relentless pursuit to make every human being’s life on Earth more enjoyable, one project at a time, by using my unique blend of creative, analytical design in solving problems that ultimately transition into making the world a better place.

I’m full of ideas – I probably have about 500 buzzing around inside my head at any one time! But what all those ideas have in common is they come from a need I saw – a gap to be filled. Or a flaw to be fixed. I’m the sort of person who sees a problem and has to solve it.

I do this by starting and running businesses that create positive change, working with businesses and organizations big and small which are making an impact on human lives but that don’t know where to start, and helping them design a business that serves both them and society.

When people ask me, “What do you do?” I say, “Whatever it takes.”

This is the place where my ideas all come together. Please take a look around to see how I can help you.

Business consulting playground

Supercharge your business and boost your strategy with Franka’s unique blend of creative, analytical design, and a continuous search for small
improvements that make a big impact. L
et’s make shifts in your business together.

Don’t just make do,

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, help your business blossom with blogs, podcasts and e-learning courses from Franka. And unlock the experience of a whole community of like-minded owners.

The Blossoming Creative awaits.

If you’re a high-performing, high-achieving, workaholic, perfectionist individual grappling with issues of never feeling satisfied, always working crazy long hours, and not feeling proud of your accomplishments, read this.

Join me in Unsetting expectations.

Brand selling exclusive products designed and made by Franka. Every product began as a seed of an idea in her mind. And those seeds were planted by noticing a problem, an opportunity, or something that was missing.

Studio – where creativity comes together.

Here's what working with me is like.

"Franka is like a big sister to you, and a COO, CFO, CIO, CDO and a co-CEO to your business. She is an irreplaceable life-force and has become a crucial part of the team. She doesn't only take care of the business side of things but makes sure you are taking enough time for yourself, because she understands you can't pour from an empty cup. The time spent with Franka is priceless. There is no problem too wicked, the answers simply leap out of the fog and into her lap, and her creativity and innovation never cease to amaze me. But above all, she is an exemplar human being anyone would want to have in their lives."

"What makes Franka so unique is that she has fire & motivation - which is easy to have when the times are good, but she's full of motivation even when times are tough. She's ambitious (sometimes ridiculously so), creative, and a person of trust. When working with her, this comes off as she being your biggest cheerleader even on a very bad day or in a tough situation, being so determined to solve the problem at hand, and doing so in such an innovative way that will benefit you, all of your stakeholders and the humanity. There's no stone left unturned, and she always has your best interests at heart."

Join me in Unsetting Expectations

iI you are intrinsically motivated to work, enjoy doing what you do so much that you end up working in all times of day and night, passionate about what you’re doing and the change and impact you’re making, if your work defines youthis biweekly newsletter is for you.
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