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Hi, I’m Franka Grubisic!

I’m full of ideas – I probably have about 500 buzzing around inside my head at any one time – exhausting! But what all those ideas have in common is they come from a need I saw – a gap to be filled. Or a flaw to be fixed. I’m the sort of person who sees a problem and has to solve it.

Give me a product, a service, a process or a system and I’ll immediately see what needs to be done. Even more so, I’ll know how to do it.

Thank you for stopping by my website. This is the place where my ideas all come together. Please take a look around to see how I can help you.

Business consulting playground

Supercharge your business and boost your strategy with Franka’s unique blend of creative, analytical design. Join her in the playground – a place where we come together to enjoy ourselves, doing the work that we do.

Don’t just make do,

If you’re a creative entrepreneur, help your business blossom with blogs, podcasts and e-learning courses from Franka. And unlock the experience of a whole community of like-minded owners.

The Blossoming Creative awaits.

My marketplace

Online shop selling exclusive products designed and made by Franka. Every product there began as a seed of an idea in her mind. And those seeds were planted by my noticing a problem, an opportunity, or something that was missing.

Studio – where creativity comes together.

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