Who is Franka Grubisic?

I’m an entrepreneurial ICT consultant with a strong academic background in computer engineering and computer science, complemented by specialized knowledge in geospatial studies.

Passionate about leveraging design and technology to create efficient environments and processes that meet the needs of the wider public, I pursued a Master’s degree in Computer Science, majoring in Open e-Government at Stockholm University.

With a track record of independently leading end-to-end product development across diverse sectors, client sizes, and cultures, I’ve thrived on my self-driven approach, innate motivation, and uniquely merging technical proficiency with strategic thinking. My proactive approach and experience in digital transformation initiatives position me to deliver innovative and robust solutions, making a meaningful impact within complex organizational structures.


My career has been driven by a fascination with optimizing large and complex systems. As an innately curious human being, I view the world through the lens of “what can be done to make it better”. Everywhere I look, I see opportunities to optimise and fix processes and systems.

Throughout my work, I learned that I can apply this lens to many different tasks. I’ve made my way from web development to UX to today specializing as an ICT/Service Design consultant, creating custom solutions for diverse clients, from telcos and pharma to startups.

Often in roles such as solution architect or product manager, being self-employed meant that I was in charge of managing stakeholder’s needs and progress updates, supporting the development and design teams and leading the entire E2E product lifecycle, where my strong programming background has been instrumental in accurately assessing project feasibility, estimating timelines, and determining resource needs.

What I Care About

The public sector is the ultimate system for me to optimize, for which my passion has grown over time. I view it as a place where my analytical mindset and service design skills can create solutions that, besides meeting business needs, empower and serve end users effectively. Public transport in particular deeply resonates with me and my desire to optimize urban mobility and quality of life, as it’s what moves the city and affects so much of it.

From working on Croatia’s Standard for public e-services development to writing a Master’s dissertation on using AI, ML, and cloud computing for optimizing public transport, my career aim is to shape a future where technology serves as a conduit for societal progress and enhances the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

If you’d like to chat about me joining your team, feel free to reach out to me using my LinkedIn or Email below 👇