My word for the year


dough·​ty | \ ˈdau̇-tē
: marked by fearless resolution : valiant

At the beginning of this year I’ve filled out a Year Compass. It’s a great tool that helped me close the previous year and plan this one.

One of the tasks was choosing word for the year. I wanted to be fearless, but not without a set direction. Hence, I present to you – doughty.


Here are just a few of the best books I’ve read so far. I will do my best to update it as often as possible!

The book discusses that it is not all about STEM and data, but the context. This is where the importance of applying a humanist perspective based on phenomenology to make sense of th​e complex world comes to play. The book  reminisces Heidegger’s philosophy.

Bason is an expert in public sector innovation and using design to facilitate that innovation. The main premise is that value is created by co-creating solutions. This is a must read for anyone looking to understand how to bring public value using design.

This book discusses an important topic – the discrepancies of ways of working of the designer and the public sector. However, there are improvements all-round and André gives a great overview of all of the factors.

Tomitsch creates and talks about interactive urban applications, transferring user experience principles to the urban environments and discusses design methods which could be used in the urban (and how to assess them).

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